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In addition to conducting Baseline Resource Inventories and Biophysical Impact Assessments of sites proposed for residential and recreational development, EnviroConsult Inc. includes mitigation measures in an Environmental Protection Plan to demonstrate a Proponent's commitment to environmental protection. This approach facilitates the approval process by helping Approving Authorities understand how potential project-related impacts will be minimized. It also helps avoid unwanted and costly project-delays due to the occurrence of unexpected events.

Carma Residential Developments, Calgary Alberta Canada
Developed a Baseline Environmental Report, a Biophysical Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Plan of the Cranston lands along the Bow River in south Calgary. The projects contributed to the design stages of the proposed Cranston subdivision and the Outline Plan submission to the City of Calgary. The project included wildlife and herptile surveys, vegetation and rare plant surveys, a fisheries resource inventory, fisheries habitat assessment of an abandoned side channel, beaver management, tree wrapping and riparian habitat enhancement along a 60 m riparian buffer. The project also included design and development of a creek to augment fish habitat and provide stormwater management.

Hopewell Residential Communities, Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted an Environmental Overview of the Elbow Valley Residential Community located west of the City of Calgary. This overview was followed by a Sediment Control Plan and Environmental Inspection during construction and installation of potable and waste water systems, and then a Beaver Management Plan and Beaver Monitoring Program. Based on the Beaver Management Plan, it was estimated that the beaver activity was well above the normal carrying capacity for the area, and trapping and dam removal was required and conducted to reduce the pressures caused by the over abundance of these animals.

Three Sisters Resorts, Canmore Alberta Canada
Conducted vegetation and herptile surveys for the Three Sisters Resorts project in Canmore Alberta. The project included a vegetation inventory, investigation of the potential occurrence of rare plants and long-toed salamanders to occur in two locations adjacent to the proposed resort hotel.

Urban Systems Ltd., Calgary Alberta Canada
Provided preliminary environmental input to an Area Structure Plan for the Stoney Industrial lands in north Calgary. The project involved development of site characteristics, compilation of environmental issues, and participation in three design charettes with an owners group and design specialists and engineers to develop various land uses that were sensitive to the Nose Creek Valley.

Hopewell Residential Communities, Calgary Alberta Canada
Conducted Biophysical Impact Assessments of the Tanglewood, Simon's Valley, Hanson Ranches and East McKenzie lands as part of Outline Plan submissions to the City of Calgary. The projects included a description of wildlife species expected to utilize the areas, vegetation and wetland communities, and current land and resource uses. Rare plant and herptile surveys were also undertaken to determine the presence of special status species.

Reid Crowther and Partners Ltd., and United Inc., Calgary, Albert Canada
Conducted a Fisheries Resource Inventory of a side channel of the Elbow River for the Discovery Ridge Stormwater Outfall project west of Calgary, Alberta. The project involved compilation of fisheries resource characteristics including a riparian vegetation and fisheries habitat survey, an Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) and correspondence with Alberta Environment and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada regarding approvals to proceed with the stormwater management plan for the Discovery Ridge subdivision.

Port Moody Town Council, British Columbia Canada
Completed a Waterfront Redevelopment Plan for Port Moody, in British Columbia. This project involved evaluating ecologically significant components of an aquatic environment and then designing a recreational development plan to suit the needs of the community while remaining sensitive to the constraints of the fragile aquatic ecosystem.