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NOVA Gas International Ltd. and PEMEX Exploration and Production, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico
Conducted environmental work on the Atasta project in the States of Campeche and Tabasco Mexico. The Atasta project included development of a Mexican Legal Framework, an Environmental Evaluation, an Environmental Audit, components of a Restoration Measures Plan, and an Environmental Procedures Manual for their on shore and off shore oil and gas facilities. The purpose of these projects was to assist PEMEX with technical assistance, provide institutional strengthening and encourage technology transfer to improve their environmental practices and avoid possible disturbance to the sensitive marine and tidal lagoon systems.

NOVA Gas International Ltd. and PEMEX Exploration and Production, Villahermosa, Mexico
Completed an Environmental Audit of the PEMEX Luna Pipeline project in the Tabasco State of Mexico. The project involved determining the environmental legislative requirements for oil and gas transportation in Mexico, understanding the internal PEMEX management systems and procedures, gathering audit evidence, evaluating audit findings and compiling recommendations for potential improvements.

TransCanada Pipelines Ltd., Merida, Mexico Latin America
Prepared support materials to be used in the Public Consultation and Information Plan (PICP) for the Energa Mayakan Consortium Pipeline in the States of Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche and Yucatn, Mexico for TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. Support Material Preparation included a Q&A questionnaire containing diverse pipeline-related issues such as Right-of-Way, Benefits, Employment Opportunities, Technical Characteristics, and Insurance. The Q&A provided an informative package for the provincial and municipal authorities, landowners and communities alike.